ZEDGE for PC Download Free [Windows 10/8/7/Mac]

Zedge comes out to be the biggest source to download free ringtones & wallpapers. But what about downloading ZEDGE for PC? Is it really possible or just a myth? Well, I’m here to help you install ZEDGE for Windows 10/8/7/Mac. I do want you to follow my lead until the end of this article because there are lots of things to talk about.

Why Anyone Should Download ZEDGE for PC and Laptop?

ZEDGE services are not limited to smartphone users. At first, it started to focus on Android & iOS users, but now the developers have decided to deliver its services also for the PC users. So they can also enjoy getting the 4K or HD wallpapers for PC.

In my opinion, downloading ZEDGE for PC is beneficial in only two ways. The first one is that it allows you to download wallpapers of your choice which you get to set on your Desktop or Laptop devices. The second benefit is that if you use WhatsApp or Messenger on your computer, you can use its notification sounds to make your experience worth a while. Furthermore, it’s a lot easy to discover new things if you are using this app on your PC.

How To Download ZEDGE for PC and Laptop?

You can Download ZEDGE for PC using third-party software named Android emulators. Because these programs help you emulate Android OS on your computer. But this app is a little different from others, you can also avail of other options to use it on your PC.

3 Ways To Install ZEDGE for PC (Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Mac)

Method 1:


  • Download BlueStacks or Nox App Player on your PC/Laptop.
  • After downloading an emulator, you’ll be required to install it.
  • The installation process is pretty straightforward.
  • You can select a disk location to save the installation files or go with the default settings.
  • But before ending the installation wizard, check the “launch Bluestacks/Nox Player” checkbox and then click on the Finish button.
  • Thereafter, the emulator will launch, and on your screen, you’ll see the startup tutorial that’s meant to teach you its controls.
  • You can skip the part or watch the whole tutorial, it’s up to you.
  • When done, you’ll be asked to set up the emulator.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll only be asked to enter your Google Account inside the program and choose a language for the software’s UI.
  • After making the right selection and entering the appropriate info, you’ll be redirected to the main interface of the emulator.
  • From there, you need to locate and visit the Google Play Store (In BlueStacks, it’s available on the home page. As in Nox App Player, it’s available inside the “Google” folder).
  • Now use the play store’s search bar to open ZEDGE and once there, click on the available install button.
  • It’s a lite weight app, so it’ll only take 10 to 15 seconds to install on your device.
  • Afterward, you’ll be allowed to use ZEDGE for PC.

Method 2:

ZEDGE for Chrome


  • Visit the Chrome Store and download Arc Welder from it.
  • Add the extension to Chrome.
  • Let it install in peace.
  • When done, click on the extension’s icon from Chrome’s taskbar.
  • This will open the Arc Welder interface.
  • Upload the ZEDGE APK file inside it.
  • Wait and let the app install.
  • After the successful installation of ZEDGE for PC, you’ll be allowed to use it.

Method 3:



  • Just open any web browser you want.
  • Some of the best web browsers to access ZEDGE for PC Online are as below:
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari for Mac
    • Torch Browser
  • Open Zedge’s online platform on one of these browsers.

What is ZEDGE?

ZEDGE is one of those apps that adds up beauty to the smartphone industry. This app is available for both Android & iOS platforms. Users can install it on their devices without paying a penny. But it does contain some in-app purchases, like a pro version to remove online advertisements.

This app mainly focuses on delivering appearance customization services. Like getting a free ringtone, sounds, and even wallpapers. Matter of fact, every category comes with its rights & wrongs. So why not talk about them particularly.

⇒ Free Wallpapers Download

Yes, there are many Wallpaper apps on Android, so why get ZEDGE? It’s because you can never find this huge variety of wallpapers. Not hundreds nor thousands, but this app contains millions of newly made wallpapers. Also, you can never get bored with the variety of image files that you get to download for free only from this platform.

If you talk about the sub-categories in wallpapers, there’s a lot to talk about. The following are the main wallpaper tabs inside ZEDGE:

  • Live Wallpapers
  • Nature
  • Funky
  • Sports
  • Filters
  • Smooky
  • Monster
  • Punk
  • Gaming and many more.

⇒ Free Ringtones

If you own a smartphone, then you would also want to set a custom ringtone of your choice. Yes, a bunch of platforms allows you to download free ringtunes. But none of them are as compatible as ZEDGE.

Because this portal helps you find your favorite ringtones without any hassle. Either you can use the app’s search bar or go with the suggested media files. Whatever you find intriguing, it’ll be at your disposal. Yeah, no registration or subscription is required to download free stuff from this app.

⇒ Free Notification Sounds

No matter the cost, you would always want to look cool in front of your buddies. Whenever you receive a message on your device, you would also want an awesome notification sound. So here at ZEDGE for PC, you can find notification sounds of your choice.

On this platform, there are tons of astounding sound effects that you can get conveniently. Simply navigate to the sounds category and download whatever file you find attractive. Get one file or download the whole package, depends on your preferences.


Question 1. Is ZEDGE Safe?

Answer: Yes, ZEDGE is totally safe to use. You don’t need to worry about your online privacy while using this app’s services. Because it provides services to benefit its users but not to harm them in any way.

Question 2. Does ZEDGE Use Data?

Answer: To be honest, ZEDGE does consume a lot of your mobile data. So if you don’t want any trouble while using this app, then either ban it from running in the back-end. Or else, use it only when your device is connected with WiFi.

Question 3.  Why Does ZEDGE Need Access To My Photos?

Answer: It’s obvious that if you don’t allow ZEDGE to access your photos, it’ll not be able to download stuff on your device. Because it’s the only way of getting the job done. If this app doesn’t get access to the device’s gallery, the OS would never allow it to download media files.

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