Download WiFi Doctor for PC [Windows, MacOS]

For what its worth, Download WiFi Doctor for PC to secure your network. This internet utility helps you add security protocols to protect your WiFi from online insecurities. However, there’s one catch, this application is officially developed to help smartphone users. So I’ve written this article to help you use it on a Windows or Mac operating system.

About WiFi Doctor

WiFi Doctor is one of the top-notch network security applications. The app is available to avoid online bullying, so you can easily get it from the Google Play Store. And one thing that’s quite interacting for users is that they don’t have to spend a single penny to access this app’s services.

WiFi Doctor for PC

To be honest, this app contains the basic services that you would ever want from a network security app. It seems like the developers have tried to keep things as simple as possible. There’s no need to complete any registration procedures nor enter any personal info to work using it for your benefit.

WiFi Doctor Features

  • WiFi Booster
    No need to be annoyed by your WiFi speed because of low-quality signals. Because this app helps you boost your Wifi strength anytime you want to. It improves your network quality in a good way and helps you surf the internet at fast speed.
  • Network Monitoring
    Monitor who’s connected to your WiFi. A user is allowed to always keep a check of users who are connected with his shared network. It’s great for the admins who never want others to do torrenting or block social media on a smartphone/computer.
  • Anti-Spy Tool
    View who’s trying to take a peek into your online activities. WiFi Doctor ensures that no third-party user tries to enter your secure WiFi hotspots. So you don’t need a VPN if you are using this application. Because it helps you stay protected while connected to insecure networks.
  • Background Checker
    To never burden your device while surfing the internet, this app makes ensures that the background apps are put to sleep even when you are connected to WiFi. So a lesser amount of bandwidth is spent and you get a quality internet speed.

How Do I Download WiFi Doctor for PC?

If you looking-in for a way to Download WiFi Doctor for PC, I’ve just the right solution for you. I’ll help you get familiar with the concept of emulating Android OS on a Windows or Mac device. Because it’s your hope for using this application on a computer. But not to worry, if you are using a computer with a 4GB or above RAM, then you’ll never figure out the difference. In fact, you’ll be glad.

The best option for you is to get BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Well, allow me to clear the confusion for you. If you are using an iMac or MacBook, then you should get Nox App Player. On the other hand, a Windows PC user should get a BlueStacks emulator. So just get a software depending upon your operating system and imply the presented method.

  1. Nox App Player (dmg file)
  2. BlueStacks (exe file)

WiFi Doctor PC Download (Windows & MacOS)

WiFi Doctor PC Download

  • Download an emulator’s file on your computer.
  • Complete the installation procedure of an emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once an Android emulator is installed, launch it from the desktop of your PC.
  • Allow the software to complete the first-n-one time boot process in peace.
  • Now from the main interface of the emulator, locate and visit the Play Store.
  • Enter your Google Account credentials to access Google Play Services on PC.
  • Use the play store’s search bar to open WiFi Doctor.
  • Click once on the install button and wait for a while.
  • That’s how you start using WiFi Doctor for PC (Windows & MacOS).

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