TextNow for PC Download, Windows 10/8/7

Download TextNow for PC to send messages without having to show your original number. After registering with the app, users get a fake number that’s associated with their original number. So they can use the given number to communicate with strangers with whom they don’t wish to share the original one.

FAQs About TextNow for PC

TextNow is available for all the major platforms. So it has users globally who benefit from this application daily. That’s why plenty of users have some questions about the app’s services that are not explained by the developers. So here, I’m going to answer some questions related to TextNow for Desktop.

Is TextNow Really Free?

To be honest, TextNow is a freemium app that contains a bunch of in-app purchases. For instance, the free version contains advertisements that you have to watch to gain app credit. And if you are willing to bypass such interruptions, you need to buy the premium services.

Can You View Deleted Messages on TextNow?

No, once the messages or call logs are deleted by a user, they are also deleted from the database. So there’s no possible way of viewing deleted content from TextNow for PC. It’s because the developers are aware of the cybercriminal activities, so they don’t want to compromise a user’s privacy.

Can You Block Numbers on TextNow?

By any chance, if you are annoyed by a person on TextNow, you are allowed to block him. The app’s policies are strict when it comes to users who don’t obey its terms & conditions. So if anyone misbehaves with you on online chats, you are allowed to block him and even report him if needed.

TextNow for PC

Is TextNow Dangerous?

It depends on how you are using TextNow. If you are using it to chat with strangers or you are allowing your kids to chat with an anonymous number, you should be careful. Because there are some people whom intentions are only to hack into a user’s device to annoy him through blackmail.

Is TextNow Free Internationally?

A user is required to earn credits if he’s willing to make international calls to numbers in the USA or Canada. However, if you don’t have much credit to make calls, you can send & receive text messages for free. TextNow for Windows doesn’t charge you for chatting on international numbers.

How Long Can You Keep A TextNow Number?

Normally, the app policies are to allow you to keep the same TextNow number for 2 days. And it’s for your sake because, with this facility, hackers or strangers can’t trace your anonymous number. Your account stays totally safe from cybercriminals and you don’t get annoyed by telemarketers.

Is It Possible To Download TextNow App for PC?

Yes, with the help of Android emulators, you can Download TextNow App for PC. You’ll get the same smartphone interface on your computer and enjoy your free text app on Windows OS. For that cause, you can use BlueStacks App Player, because it’s free and doesn’t lag while emulating Mobile OS.

TextNow App for PC

Can TextNow Numbers Be Traced?

In a way, you can say that numbers can be traced on TextNow. Because at the time of TextNow Login, you enter your original number. So through that number, only the developers can track your ID. But for now, there are no reports regarding the tracking of provided numbers.

Can I Use TextNow Without A VPN?

For now, users from the USA and Canada can benefit from TextNow without a VPN. Because the app’s developed for making free phone calls in these two countries. So if you are from a country where such services are blocked, you’ll have to use the services of a VPN that really works.

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