Smart PSS for PC Download Free [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

A detailed guide is presented to help individuals download Smart PSS for PC. The purpose of writing this article is to help Dahua consumers benefit from this Dahua Software on a computer. So they can connect and configure their surveillance devices like DVR & IPC on a computer.

What Is Smart PSS?

Smart PSS is offered by Dahua Technology USA Inc. It’s developed to help PC owners get access to their surveillance devices remotely. The software is provided by the manufacturers of the supported devices, so all of its services are kept free. So users can simply complete the installation process of this CMS and start using its services, after completing the login procedure.

This CCTV Client is available globally, so it supports multiple languages. And, some of its services like 128 multi-channeling support are incomparable. With so many facilities added into a singular software, its UI is kept simple. Even if you are a first-timer, you can easily understand its functionalities.

How Can I Use Smart PSS for PC (Windows & Mac)?

To use this Dahua’s CCTV Software, users have to go under certain operations. Because they need to complete the installation and configuration process, to take full advantage of it. Only then, they can start to watch the live feeds of Dahua cameras remotely. So allow me to introduce you to the proper set of instructions, required to use Smart PSS for PC.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac 10.0+
  • Processor: Intel i3 or Apple M1
  • GPU: Must at least support DirectX 8.0
  • RAM: 1GB+
  • ROM: 488MB

Installing Smart PSS

The aforementioned download buttons contain compressed files of the CMS. So before launching them, you will have to extract them using free utilities like WinZip or WinRAR. And, once you have extracted them, launch the Smart PSS executable file with administrative rights (right-click on the setup file and select Run as administrator).

After launching the Smart PSS Installer, ensure to make preferred selections. On the first interface, select a language from the drop-down menu, accept software agreement, and click on the Next button.Smart PSS for PC

Now, select which features you wish to access on the CMS. If you are looking to only access the live feeds. But in case you are also interested in accessing the video playback facility, you also need to select the Storage Service box. And if you have selected both boxes (Smart PSS and Storage Service), you get to acquire all the beneficial services of the CMS.Smart PSS on Windows PC

For your convenience, command the installer to create shortcuts. In that case, you can select the “Generate Shortcuts” box. Similarly, it’s optional for you to customize the folder directory by clicking on the Browse button. Further, click on the Install button to initiate the process. Your system will take some time to install the CMS, you need to wait while the installation process is completed.Smart PSS for Windows

When you are notified about the successful installation of the CMS, you need to perform two actions. First, check the “Run Smart PSS” box to launch the Client automatically. Second, click on the Finish button to exit the installer.Smart PSS for Mac

Logging Into Smart PSS

After finishing the installation process, you will be directed toward the login interface of Smart PSS. From where you will be required to assign a strong password to your account that’ll be named “Admin”.Smart PSS Login

Once you have designated the preferred password to your account, the CMS will also ask you to select some security questions. You need to remember the questions and the answers you provide for them. It will help you in the future when you wish to reset your Dahua account settings for the Smart PSS Client.Smart PSS PC Login

The registration portal will then lead you directly to the account login page. You can use the username “admin” and enter the assigned password, before clicking on the Login button. And for future convenience, check the “Remember Password” and “Auto-Login ” boxes, before proceeding.

Configuring Smart PSS

Now, you will be talked to the point of attention, to the Devices tab. You can use this tab to configure and add your Dahua Surveillance devices to Smart PSS. To do so, you can click on the “+Add” button to get the manual configuration popup.Smart PSS Configuration

After receiving the popup from the CMS, do remember to enter the corresponding device details. You will be requested to add details like Method to add, Device Name, and SN. Thereafter, click on the Add button.Smart PSS PC Configuration

Once you have successfully configured your Dahua device, its status will start to appear inside the Devices tab. So before moving towards to dashboard of the CMS, do remember to check out the device details, as if they are correctly added or not.

Live Streaming Camera Feeds

It’s time to start benefiting from Smart PSS to live view the camera feeds on your computer. To do so, navigate back to the control panel of the CMS and from there, click on the Live View tab.Smart PSS Live View

The list of connected devices will be shown inside the left pane of the Client. You can select the devices of whom you wish to access the live streams. By default, you are allowed to access four different live streams on a singular interface.Smart PSS Live View on PC

Any Other Options for Using Smart PSS on PC?

There is one option for Dahua users to configure and connect their cameras for live streaming. They can use mobile OS emulators like BlueStacks or Nox App Player to take advantage of applications like gDMSS for PC. Because this application is available for Android devices, such third-party utilities can be used to emulate Android OS on Windows & Mac computers. In simple words, you can use the android app from Dahua on your computer.gDMSS for PC

FAQs: Dahua Smart PSS

Q) Is Smart PSS Free?

A) Yes, Dahua’s Smart PSS is free to use. This product is kept free from the beginning and still available for the convenience of surveillance system owners.

Q) Is Dahua Better Than Hikvision?

A) If you compare Hikvision with Dahua, my honest opinion is that Hikvision is much better. Because the Max Bitrate of Hikvision cameras is 16Mbps. Whereas, the Max Bitrate of Dahua cameras remains 10Mbps.

Q) Who Owns Lorex and Ezviz Brands?

A) Ezviz is owned by Hikivision, whereas the Lorex brand is a subsidiary of Dahua. That’s why between both products, there’s a huge competition.


That’s all, regarding the usage of Dahua Smart PSS for PC. If you get confused in selecting a procedure, let me make it clearer for you. In case you are interested in taking advantage of Dahua surveillance devices on a computer without any troubles, you should use Smart PSS. But in case you are only interested in continuing to benefit from its smartphone app, you should apply the aforementioned trick. Else, contact us @WikiesforPC for further queries.

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