Rufus for PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/XP]

Download Rufus for PC to create bootable USB drives. This Windows freeware is designed for the sake of users who don’t like to get into the hassle of formating pen drives and then creating ISO images. A great thing about this program is that you can easily get Rufus for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

What is Rufus?

Rufus is free software that lets users change the format of their USB drives. It works perfectly on all kinds of external storage devices. Like the pen drives, USB sticks, etc. And you are never asked to connect your PC to the internet to work with this program. Because it works perfectly even when you are offline, so to protect your device from getting hacked.

Rufus for PC

One big reason for using this software is its ability to create ISO images. Once you have moved all the operating system’s files into your pen drive, you can use it to create a successful image file. This helps you boot your system with an OS of your choice. Even you can image a file with Linux OS files while using Rufus for Windows.

Format Pen Drives

This software is used for multi-purposes. Users can use it to format their pen drives with ease. Because the software detects the connected USB drives automatically, you are able to complete the format process conveniently. And users also have the option of selecting the format. They can convert the USB drive’s format to NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or UDF.

BIOS Customization

Using Rufus for PC gives you the option of flashing your BIOS. It can also be used to boot your computer in DOS mode. So users who own slower devices can use it to reset their BIOS settings and then reboot their system in an operating system of their choice. To be successful in this process, users are required to connect their pen drives containing ISO image files before booting their system.

Language Support

A user should never face any trouble while using this program’s services. Almost, every famous language is supported by the software. So users can easily understand how to work with it. Even keep enjoying the features for as long as they want to. There’s no restriction on using the same software on various devices.

How To Install Rufus for PC?

The installation process of Rufus for PC is quite simple. You don’t have to perform any extra hassle to get the job done. So to learn the proper steps to complete the task, implement the presented guide:

  1. Download Rufus.exe from the provided link.
  2. Launch the downloaded file to start its installation.
  3. Keep following the on-screen prompts to install the software successfully.
  4. Afterward, double-click on the icon of Rufus for PC to launch it.

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