RMEye Pro for PC, 2022 Free Download [Windows 11 & Mac]

The following post is drafted to consult users in downloading RMEye Pro for PC. Because many Securus device owners want to access the remote surveillance services from their computer. So I have decided to deliver a guide that tells the true tale to control cameras and network recorders from a device with a bigger display. In addition, I will provide some details about the client’s services.

What is RMEye Pro?

RMEye Pro is a free software designed to support Securus cameras and network recorders. It’s developed to provide remote video monitoring services, so users can protect their property from invaders and burglars. The supported cameras work efficiently, according to a user’s requirements.

Client Features

The Securus CMS contains various services that are all free to access because the software is developed by the manufacturers of the supported devices. So if are unaware of the numerous facilities of this application, read the drafted bullets.

  1. PTZ Control – Users can control their Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras from the app’s interface. They can use the on-screen joystick to manipulate the camera feeds from the PTZ cameras.
  2. Unlimited Access – Securus hasn’t added any limit on the number of connected cameras. So users can connect as many cameras and network recorders as they please with RMEye Pro.
  3. Multi-Viewing – On a singular interface, individuals are allowed to view up to 16 different camera feeds. They can change the multi-viewing settings directly from the live streaming interface. And to view a live stream on full-screen, simply open it.
  4. Playback Support – Users can watch the saved videos from the camera feeds via the playback facility. They can search for a specific video using the built-in search tool. Furthermore, get access to the saved videos of a specific camera.
  5. Smart Streaming – A unique feature of RMEye Pro is Smart Streaming. While you are watching the camera feeds, they are delivered to you depending upon the size of your device’s display.

How Can I Use RMEye Pro for PC?

To properly use RMEye Pro on your computer, you are required to download the supported client’s file and then install it. Afterward, configure the software depending upon your requirements, to make it ready for delivering the live camera feeds.

However, you should be aware of the fact that RMEye Pro is only officially available for Android, iOS, and Windows OS. So Mac users are required to perform a different solution to use this app’s services. That’s why I have written separate solutions for Windows & Mac OS.

RMEye Pro for Windows OS

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Processor: Intel i3 or above
  • GPU: Must at least support DirectX 8.0
  • RAM: 2GB+
  • ROM: 90MB

Installing CMS

After downloading the CMS file from the given link, extract it using WinZip or WinRAR. Now, launch the RMEye Pro Setup file to proceed. On the first interface, you will be asked to choose a preffered language and click on the Ok button.RMEye Pro Setup

From the welcome instance of the installation wizard, do read the provided details of the software and if you are ok with them, click on the Next button.RMEye Pro for PC

Click on the Browse button to customize the folder destination of the CMS installation files. Once you have chosen the preffered location, click on Next to proceed.RMEye Pro for Windows

It’s required that you select a start menu folder name that you can remember, and you could also browse the start menu folder if you please.

The next interface will ask you to choose which shortcut icons you would like to create. To be specific, choosing the desktop and start menu shortcut may suit you well.

Before clicking on the Install button, ensure to read the presented instructions, as they are provided to inform you about your previously made selections.

Once the process of installing the CMS is completed, click on the Finish button, after checking the “Launch CMS” box.

Logging Into RMEye Pro

When the CMS launches, it will take you directly to the login interface. From where you are required to enter some information to proceed to the CMS’s control panel. For that, only type “Admin” inside the user field and click on the Ok button.RMEye Pro PC Login

Configuring CMS

From the main interface of RMEye Pro, simply click on the Devices icon. It will lead you towards Add Device Group popup, from where you get to proceed in configuring your network recorders and cameras.RMEye Pro Configuration

You need to designate a new to new camera group that you are willing to create, let it be office cameras or home cameras.

Once a camera group is created, right-click on it from the left pane and choose “Add a Device”. So you can enter the details required to add your camera or NVR.RMEye Pro PC Configuration

At last, enter the device details within the appearing popup, you need to enter Group, Name, IP, Web Port, username, password, and select Device Type to proceed.

Live Viewing Securus Camera Feeds

Now that you have successfully configured your camera devices with RMEye Pro, you can now start to live stream the camera feeds. For that, simply choose your preffered cameras from the left pane and their live feeds will be shown within the Client’s right pane.RMEye Pro Live View

RMEye Pro for Mac OS

Mac users don’t have the option of using Securus CMS on their devices. So they have to consult with applications like BlueStacks or Nox App Player to complete such a task, to help them in emulating Android OS, making it possible for them to install and use Android apps on PC.RMEye Pro for Mac

  • Download Android emulator software called BlueStacks App Player.
  • Install BlueStacks App Player and open it up.
  • Search for FacePlay from the Google Play Store
  • After navigating to the app’s page, click on the Install button.
  • Once RMEye Pro for PC is installed, click on the Open button to launch it.

Though, only Mac device owners with M1 processors can use App Store on their devices to install and use iOS applications. Because such devices support the installation of the iOS applications that are available on the App Store.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download RMEye Pro for PC.

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