Procreate Pocket for PC Download [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

Read my article to understand a way to download Procreate Pocket for PC. I have compiled a solution for my readers to use this digital painting app on a computer. They will not be required to pay any additional charges to complete such a task, but only use the recommended programs on their Windows or Mac device.

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What is Procreate Pocket?

Procreate Pocket is designed for the fans of Procreate users, who are interested in creating digital art with ease. It can be used by professional and novice artists, who want to create sketches and digital paintings.

Procreate Pocket for PC

Mainly, this art tool is designed for beginners, to help users create art without having to consult with professionals. A variety of drawing tools are provided for the convenience of users, so they can create digital with ease.

This application provides various premium services and costs $4.99. After bieng successful on iPad, now the developers have added some facilities like uncompromised color, brushes, and layering systems, to help users make the most out of it.

App Features

Following are the key services of the app, which are available for every Procreate user:

1. FreeHand Sketching

Individuals can access an onscreen paper to test their skills by implying freehand sketching. They can simply start to sketch or paint using with a help of an electric pen. And in our case, users can use their device’s mouse to complete such a task, which is quite fascinating.

2. Import Projects

Users can import drawings and painting within the app, and start to customize it depending upon their requirements. They can even add more colors, change layers, or choose a filter to make their digital art more intriguing. Even use the uploaded projects to practice on further drawings.

3. Create to Share Socially

From here, you can gain an engaging audience. People who always appreciate the pieces of art and are willing to add NFTs to their gallery. With such a facility, users can earn from the app, without having to consult with any art agents. So Procreate can be a good platform for novice users, who want to create art and earn.

4. Layer Manipulation

Various layers blend modes are available in Procreate Pocket, allowing users to manipulate the colored layered as they please. They are allowed to compose a piece of art with different layers on it. Even choose the parts of a drawing or sketch, where they would like to apply the preffered layer.

5. Filters Variety

The available list of filters on Procreate Pocket is just awesome. You will find these filters very helpful in creating attractive pieces of art. Because every filter like blur, gaussian, and noise comes with its unique capabilities. Even helps you add a retro look to your creations conveniently.

How Do I Download Procreate Pocket for PC?

Users can consult with Android emulators to download Procreate Pocket for PC. Because these programs are designed to respond well to the requests of users who like to emulate mobile OS.

Most of these programs work best on Windows & Mac operating systems. And, here are the links to the most famous and fully-functional Android emulators that provide free services:

Nox App Player BlueStacks

Procreate Pocket App Download for PC (Windows & Mac)

Procreate Pocket App Download for PC

  • Download & Install an emulator.
  • Launch the installed emulator.
  • Wait until you are led to its home interface.
  • Open Google Play Store on emulator.
  • Log in using your active Google ID.
  • Use the available search bar to locate Procreate Pocket
  • Click on the Install button and wait.
  • From there, click on the Open button to launch Procreate Pocket.

Note: You can also drag-n-drop the Procreate Pocket APK file within the emulator to install it.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download Procreate Pocket for PC.

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