KVMS Pro for PC Download Free [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

The following article provides a guide to downloading KVMS Pro for PC. I will tell you a straightforward solution for using the CP Plus Software on your computer. So you don’t have to face any difficulty in benefiting from the Client’s services on Windows & Mac devices.

What does KVMS Pro Provide?

KVMS Pro is a CP Plus Software designed to help users take advantage of remote video surveillance services. It comes in different versions like Orange, Blank, and Indigo. All of the available versions are free to use, and users can get their preferred flavor from the official sources. Variant services like remote video playback, remote surveillance, snapshot, and PTZ support are added to the CMS by default.

The main usage of this CMS is to help owners of CP Plus surveillance devices. It allows them to connect their digital recorders (DVR & NVR), IPC, encoders, and decoders with their computer. So they can remotely control and manage the activities of their live video monitoring devices. And, if you are unaware of such a process, head to the following guide.

How Can I Download KVMS Pro for PC?

Users are required to implement the following procedures to fully benefit from the KVMS Pro Client on Windows & Mac devices. I have discussed the proper method of installing and configuring the software, so that, consumers never have to face any complications while connecting their CP Plus devices with PC.

But before moving forward with such a process, remember to download the Client files from the provided links and extract them, before launching the KVMS Pro Setup file.

Installing KVMS Pro

After launching the KVMS Pro Setup file from your PC, wait until the InstallShield is launched. Now on the first interface, make certain actions like preferred language, accept the license agreement, and click on the Next button.CP Plus Software for PC

You need to choose the Client services whatsoever. For full performance, select KVMS Pro and Storage Service, before proceeding.KVMS Pro for PC

On the next interface, you need to make certain selections. Like folder destination (only if you wish to customize it), create shortcuts for future convenience, and click on the Install button to initiate the installation.KVMS Pro for Windows

A bar showing the installation progress will start to appear. You need to wait until such progress is completed. Afterward, select the “Run KVMS Pro” box and click on the Finish button to close the InstallShield.KVMS Pro for Mac

Logging Into KVMS Pro

Now that the installation process is completed, the CP Plus Software will launch automatically and take you directly to its Login interface. From where you will be required to register a new account to take advantage of the KVMS Pro Client.

On the first Login instance, your job is to designate a strong password to your account. If you wish to create a secure account, add a password with a combination of small and large alphabets with numeric codes.KVMS Pro Login

After proceeding to the next interface, the CMS will ask you to select various security questions and provide their answers. So in case you forget your password or wish to reset your account details, you get to use such security questions to verify your identity.KVMS Pro PC Login

Configuring KVMS Pro

Once you have successfully logged into the CMS, you will be taken directly to the Device Management tab of the CMS. From there, you simply need to click on the “+Add” button to initiate the configuration process.KVMS Pro Configuration

For the Manual Add, you will be required to enter the following details and click on the Add button.

  1. Device Name
  2. Method to add
  3. IP/Domain Name
  4. Port
  5. Group Name
  6. Username
  7. PasswordKVMS Pro PC Configuration

Live Viewing Camera Footage

The device details will start appearing within the Device Manager tab, indicating that you have successfully configured your camera devices. Now, you need to go to the dashboard of KVMS Pro Orange and click on the Live View tab.KVMS Pro PC Live View

All the configured devices list will be shown within the left-sidebar. You need to expand the tabs and select your preferred camera feed, to watch its live stream within the Client.KVMS Pro Live View

Bonus Tip: Use Android App on PC

An option that might interest you, especially, if you are using the CP Plus app on Android. You can use the services of an Android emulator to take advantage of the smartphone app on your PC. But here’s a tip, the name of the CP Plus Android app is gCMOB. So you will have to use the Android emulation to install gCMOB for PC. And, if you are interested in implying such a trick, consult with the following points:gCMOB App for PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Launch the app player and wait until it starts showing its home interface.
  • Click on the Google Play Store icon and log in to Google Play Services.
  • Use the play store’s search bar to locate the gCMOB app.
  • Now, install the app and start using gCMOB on your PC by clicking on the Open button.

What Else Can You Do?

In case the above-mentioned methods don’t interest you and you are still looking for a litewieght CP Plus software for your Windows PC, you should get wCMOB from the Microsoft Store.

The main benefit of installing wCMOB is that you get to download the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) package, which works quickly and effectively, without collecting lots of resources from your operating system. Meaning, that as compared to .exe files, the UWP is capable of working perfectly with fewer resources.wCMOB for PC

  • Launch Microsoft Store and ensure that you sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • Now use the store’s search bar to locate the wCMOB app.
  • After navigating to the app’s page, click on the Get button and wait until the process is completed.
  • From there, launch the wCMOB app to configure and connect your CP Plus surveillance devices with your Windows PC.


Q) How to Connect My CP Plus DVR With PC?

A) You can either use the KVMS Pro or any CP Plus software to connect your CP Plus digital recorders with your PC. Only this way, you can view the real-time footage of your IPC from a computer.

Q) How to Add CP Plus IP Camera?

A) Users have two options to connect the CP Plus IP Cameras to a computer. Either use the auto search tools, if their cameras are nearby. If not, add them manually by entering their details inside the software.

Q) Is CP Plus Safe?

A) CP Plus is ISO Certified 9001:2008, making it one of the most secure products, available on the planet earth.


I have described all the possible solutions to help you connect your CP Plus Devices with your PC. And if you ask for my suggestion for selecting CP Plus Software, I would tell you to use KVMS Pro Orange, but only if you don’t care about the resources spent while benefiting from the remote video surveillance. Else, the usage of the Android emulator can be great, if you have used the gCMOB app on Android.

That’s all, thanks for visiting WikiesforPC to download KVMS Pro for PC.

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