HeimLink for PC Download [Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac]

Read the following article to download HeimLink for PC. I have added links to files that you can download on your computer, depending upon the supported surveillance system.

In addition, I will also talk about some alternative ways that can be implied to use HeimLink online or its smartphone app on PC.

So users can choose whatever method meets their requirement of controlling their video monitoring devices remotely.

What is HeimLink?

HeimLink is provided for the convenience of users who wish to access remote surveillance services. Its application is developed by Mariana Trading Inc. and is available for free.

Users are never required to pay any additional charges for taking advantage of the app’s services on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac devices.

Because for every device, manufacturers have delivered the app free, but its services are only for the supported surveillance devices.

Further, if you are using a smartphone app, it gets a lot easier for you to connect with your home devices via the same network protocols.

App Features

Here are the main advantages of using the HeimLink application:

  • Available for all the major platforms
  • Push alarm notifications
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom supported
  • Record videos
  • Take Screenshots
  • All Networks supported

Download HeimLink for PC Client

Considering the nature of surveillance devices, the developers have provided two different HeimLink PC Clients in the market.

So first of all, you need to download the CMS (depending upon your surveillance system) and then implement the drafted procedures to install and configure it.

CMS Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac 10.0+
  • Processor: Intel i3 or Apple M1
  • GPU: Must at least support DirectX 8.0
  • RAM: 3GB+
  • ROM: 350MB

Download link for HM245 System (ClientVMS):

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download link for HM241, HM243 & HM54 Systems (EseeCloud):

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Read: After downloading the provided files, extract them, and launch the HeimLink CMS Setup file, before initiating the installation strategy.

Installing the CMS

Step 1. On the welcome interface of the Client, read the presented instructions carefully and click on the I Agree button.HeimLink for PC

Step 2. Now, you can choose the installation path and where you would like to export the video and images you save from a live feed. Once you have selected your preffered locations, click on the Install button.

Step 3. You will be required to wait for a while because the wizard would take some time to install the client’s files on your system.EseeCloud for PC

Step 4. After completing the installation Set up, click on the Finish button to close the shield and launch the CMS.

Logging Into HeimLink

Users may find it difficult to log into HeimLink PC Client because they are unaware of the default user credentials.

If you are unaware of the default account credentials and you are a newbie, you can type “admin” inside the username field and click on the Login button.HeimLink Login

It’s not nesscary for you to enter a password to protect your account if you are using a personal computer.

Configuring HeimLink

The process of viewing live feeds keeps getting easy. Now that you are at the home interface of the PC Client, click on the +Add button.

On the next interface, select your preffered surveillance protocol (IP/DDNS or Cloud ID). Now, enter the device details and click on the Finish button.HeimLink Configuration

Live Viewing Cameras

The connected cameras will start appearing within the right-pane, you can select any camera feed, which you please to live stream currently.HeimLink Live Feed

Perform a HeimLink Login

In case you are using a Linux-based system, and you are unable to locate a compatible HeimLink client, you have the option of visiting the HeimLink page online.

For that, you will be required to use a web browser. But a good thing is that you don’t have to worry about any installation procedures, nor care about the type of your surveillance system.HeimLink Web Login

Simply, execute a HeimLink login and start controlling your associated surveillance devices from a computer.

Install HeimLink App for PC

There are programs in the market, which allow you to install and run Android apps on a PC.

Such programs are named Android emulators, and you can use them on your computer, without paying any additional charges.

In case you don’t know about these third-party programs, just get one program from the following links and imply the presented steps to benefit from them.

HeimLink App for PC

Nox App Player BlueStacks

  • Download & Install an emulator.
  • Launch the installed emulator.
  • Wait until you are led to its home interface.
  • Open Google Play Store on emulator.
  • Log in using your active Google ID.
  • Use the available search bar to locate HeimLink
  • Click on the Install button and wait.
  • From there, click on the Open button to launch HeimLink.

Which method works best?

All of the aforementioned procedures work great for PC owners. But all of them provide different services, so if you are confused and want to select one method, consult with the following points:

1. HeimLink PC Client

Works best for individuals who want to control the activities of their Wi-Fi video cameras from a computer.

A good choice for users who want to watch the live streams on a device with a bigger display and like to export the preffered media on a device’s storage.

But it’s quite different from the HeimLink mobile application, which makes it a little difficult to understand.

2. HeimLink Login

Best choice for HeimLink users, who don’t want to install any third-party apps to access the live feeds from a PC.

It doesn’t work for users who want to configure their devices.

So you end up only viewing the configured video cameras.

3. Usage of Emulators

The downloading process of the HeimLink App for PC may seem a little difficult.

But it’s the only way to get the mobile application to work on your computer.

It will allow you to claim the same services that you are currently using on your Android or iOS device.

You can use it to configure/connect the devices and start viewing the live feeds with ease.

But, the usage of emulators consumes more energy as compared to other software.


All-in-all, I would recommend you to stick with the HeimLink PC Client, so you can avoid becoming a victim of any incompatibility and battery consumption issues.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download HeimLink for PC.

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