7 Best Free Download Managers for Windows 11/10 [2022]

You need a Download Manager that would help you stop, pause, or even resume your desired downloads. Many internet users are only familiar with a paid utility named IDM (Internet Download Manager). So here, I’ve decided to deliver the 7 Best Free Download Managers for Windows 11/10. Just keep reading this article, if you want to spend nothing on accessing services from such utilities.

List of Best Free Download Managers for Windows 11

All of the utilities I’m going to describe, are available for Windows users. But the good thing about these tools is that they are free of cost. This means you will not be required to pay a single dollar to use them on your Windows 11/10 PC.


If you are looking for a fully-featured download manager for PC, using EagleGet will be beneficial for you. It helps you download files conveniently, by delivering a hassle-free interface. You can add files and download them in sequence or in any way you want to.

Foremost, this utility comes with a default virus checker. So when you add a file’s link to be downloaded, the software checks whether it’s safe for your computer or not. And if by any chance, your download file is not genuine, then it’ll ask you not to download it.

EagleGet is supported by mostly all web browsers that are available for Windows OS. I’ve checked it on Firefox, Edge Chromium, Chrome, & Opera. And it supports different sorts of URL protocols that are helpful in several ways.

EagleGet for Windows

The reason why I’ve added this tool at first is because of its fast downloading speed. It uses a multi-threading process to fasten the downloading procedure. So to tell you the truth, it’s worth trying.

Download EagleGet

Free Download Manager (FDM)

Ever used a Torrent client on PC? If you are familiar with using a torrent downloader, you would prefer to use Free Download Manager. This application works similar to a torrent client, it parses your files to help you download them at a faster speed.

In addition, you are provided with a highly intriguing and slightly delightful interface. Even if this tool is free to use, it contains no online ads to annoy you. And there’s no need to pay any real money to use its services on your computer.

Free Download Manager for Windows

However, it can be used on all Chromium-based web browsers. And once you’ve added several files in the download manager, you are allowed to manage them as you desire. Select a folder destination for files individually or let it be, depending on your choice.

Download FDM

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

Somethings stay alive-n-kicking forever. And Xtreme Download Manager is no different. It is one of the oldest download managers available in the market. And, it does a pretty well job of downloading all kinds of file formats.

Specifically, if you are looking for a download manager to help you download videos over the internet, this utility works well for you. It’s also quite compelling that you could download a whole playlist of videos from it.

Xtreme Download Manager for Windows

So no matter if you are trying to download videos from live streaming or social platforms, you’ll be allowed to get the job done conveniently. Moreover, it almost works on every chromium and non-chromium web browser.

Download XDM


If are looking for a download manager for Windows 11 whose interface can be customized, uGet is what meets your requirements. This tool contains some intelligent algorithms that detect your default Windows color scheme and shows an interface accordingly.

If you want, you can also change the program’s theme as you desire. All of such appearance changes would never cost you a penny. Else, you can do tons of customizations with the software’s functionalities like changing downloading speed & download limits.

uGet for Windows

uGet doesn’t contain any online advertisements. But if you are trying to find a utility that takes you directly to the point of action, you might not wanna use it. Because from the beginning, you are asked to configure the software. But in a way, it’s good that you are getting the interface & functionalities according to your requirements.

Download uGet


When you are looking into customizations, a single piece of software isn’t just enough for you. That’s why now users prefer using JDownloader. Because it allows you to add plugins to customize the program’s functionalities according to your desire.

There are more than three hundred add-ons that you can use accordingly. One thing that is quite fascinating is the ability to schedule downloads. You can add your desired files in the app and set a time on which you want to download them.

Free Download Managers for Windows 11

Another great facility of this application is that it works perfectly on all the major live streaming & social portals. To upload a file, you just have to copy & paste the URL inside the software. And sometimes, it detects a downloadable file and asks you, whether you want to download it or not.

Download JDownloader

iDownload Manager

If you’ve trust issues and want to download software only from trusted sources, iDownload Manager is what you need to get. Because it is officially available on Microsoft Store and you can use it even when you’ve enabled S Mode on Windows 10.

All of the basic services are available in this software and you can trust it to support you while using the Chromium-based web browsers. But you should acknowledge that the program’s services are provided to benefit users who want the best download managers for Windows.

iDownload Manager for Windows

To install this utility, you just have to visit the Microsoft Store and click once on the Install button. Apart from that, you are never asked to perform any sort of extra steps. And also, it doesn’t recommend you install any third-party software.

Download iDM

Ninja Download Manager

Award-winning, free and fast download acceleration tool. Download speed increases dramatically when downloading from Internet sites that require files to be downloaded through their servers such as rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, mediafire.com, and many others.

Files are downloaded much faster because Ninja Download Manager can accelerate the downloading process by splitting files into several parts and using the multi-threading technology to download them simultaneously and file size is reduced by saving only required parts of the file instead of the complete file.

Ninja Download Manager

Further, users can download files using HTTP, Socks4, and Socks5 proxy servers, making their downloading activities anonymous over the internet. So it is a good solution for users who never want to be discovered while downloading private files.

Download Ninja Download Manager

Go Big or Go Home

That’s all about the 7 Best Free Download Managers for Windows 11 PC. If you ever encounter any trouble while using software from the above-provided list, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you and appreciate it if you share our guide on social media. Thanks for visiting WikiesforPC.

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