Eye4 on Windows PC & Mac, 2022 Free Download

Allow me to introduce you to the proper ways of downloading Eye4 on Windows PC and Mac. Because in my opinion, the smartphone app’s services are only good enough for users who are interested in watching the live feeds while on the go.

So for better security of the property, it’s better to also have the ability to control the surveillance devices from a computer. I have added links for users who wish to download Eye4 for PC Client.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

What is Eye4?

Eye4 is an all-in-one real-time video monitoring software. It’s a multi-purpose surveillance utility that works perfectly on smartphones and computers. Users are allowed to use one account to connect with all of their monitoring devices for extra security. So it can be used to keep an eye on children and pets at home, without having to spend extra pounds on nannies.

Novice users can easily configure their camera devices conveniently. Thanks to the plug-n-play support provided by the developers, users can perform simple steps to complete the configuration process. There’s no need of implying extra hassle to connect the cameras with the Eye4 application.

Key Features

Every user of Vstarcam knows that Eye4 is free to use, but it does contain lots of good services which I would like to share with my readers. As the software contains lots of good facilities, I will talk about some of its key characteristics.

1. Cloud and Storage Support

Vstarcam users can benefit from various storage options. They can decide to enable cloud storage if they are willing to secure their videos from live feeds in a personal space. In addition, the application also grants the option of exporting the media files to the monitoring device’s storage.

2. Flixible Surveillance Solution

Eye4 is developed for every kind of person, thanks to its flexible features. Individuals can install it on their properties like homes and offices, and forget about the tension of the security of their beloved ones and employees. It contains algorithms to help users get notified whenever an intruder is trying to enter their property or in case of emergencies like fire alarms.

3. A Complete Surveillance Suit

With Vstarcam devices, users can claim full remote video surveillance services. They can take advantage of certain facilities like video playback, screenshots, two-way talk, and Wi-Fi support. All of such functionalities can be triggered by clicking on the perspective icons while watching live feeds. Though, you can enable or disable the motion detection from the app’s settings.

4. Compatibility

A very intriguing fact about Eye4 is that it supports connections with various platforms. It’s supportive for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Whereas, Mac users can also avail themselves of the option of using this application by using an Android emulator.

5. Always Secure

Never worry about the security and privacy level provided within this application. Because it ensures that a user’s data is secured and protected by any third-party users. It encrypts all the information of a personal account so that no hacker or online bully can intercept a user’s private video monitoring activities.

How to Install & Configure Eye4 on Windows PC & Mac?

Windows users can move toward the straightforward solution of installing Eye4 Client on their devices. Because only Mac users require the assistance of an Android emulator to install Eye4 App for PC. That’s why I have added separate solutions for these two operating systems in the following section.

Eye4 for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)

After downloading a file from the provided button at the beginning of this article, do extract it, as I have added the compressed files. For your convenience, you can use programs like WinZip or WinRAR to decompress the files. Afterward, launch the Eye4 Setup file to proceed.

Installing CMS

After initiating the installation of the CMS, you will be asked to select a language and click on the Ok button. And then, you will be led towards the installer’s interface, from where you can select the preferred folder destination and click on the Next button.Eye4 on Windows PC

The installer will also ask you to select a folder name that’ll be created within the start menu. You can choose your desired name and click on Next.Eye4 for PC

Once the Eye4 Client is ready to install, review the previously made selections, as they are exactly the ones you want or not. After reviewing the selections, click on the Install button.Eye4 for Windows

Next up, you need to click on the Finish button to close the installer. And, do remember to check the Run Eye4 box before performing such an operation.Eye4 for Windows PC

Eye4 PC Login

After the successful launch of the client, it’ll direct you towards its login interface. If you currently own a Vstarcam account, you can use it to complete the login procedure. Else, click on the Register button to create a new account.Eye4 PC Login

While registering with Eye4, you only need to enter an account name and designate a strong password to it. Once done, click on the Ok button to proceed.Eye4 Login

Configuring CMS

Once you have completed the login process, the software will take you to its home interface, your job is to click on the Add Camera button from the left pane. Thereafter, enter your device’s details like UID to configure your NVR or cameras.Eye4 PC Configuration

Live Viewing Eye4

The masses can start watching the live feeds of the configured devices from the main interface of the Eye4 Client. They are not required to navigate to any tabs, but simply select their preffered video monitoring devices from the right pane to watch their live feeds.Eye4 PC Live View

Eye4 for Mac

Thanks to the support of programs like BlueStacks and Nox App Player, users can install Android apps on their PC. Because such programs are specifically desired to help individuals emulate Android OS on their system. And a good thing about these free utilities is that they are also available for Windows OS.Eye4 for Mac

  • Download & Install an emulator.
  • From the main instance of the emulator, launch Google Play Store.
  • Login using your Google ID to proceed.
  • Now, use the play store’s search bar to open Eye4.
  • At last, start using Eye4 for Mac by clicking on the Open button.

FAQs: Eye4

Q) Is Vstarcam ONVIF?

A) Yes, some of the Vstarcam cameras support ONVIF protocols. So you can benefit from such global physical IP standards while setting up your security devices.

Q) How Can I Share Eye4?

A) You can navigate to the System Settings and select Device sharing. Now, scan the provided QR-Code and from the scanned device, the live feeds will be shared for an hour.

Q) How To Connect Vstarcam to WiFi?

A) Connect your Vstarcam and monitoring device with the same WiFi. Now, launch the app and enter the password of the connected network. Place the camera near that monitoring device and Voila!

Note: Don’t forget to enter the password of your camera (when asked) that’s written on the back of your cam.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download Eye4 on Windows PC & Mac.

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