EasyViewer Pro for PC Download Free [Windows & Mac]

I’m writing about a way of using EasyViewer Pro for PC. If you are interested in using this app’s services on a computer, you should keep reading the rest of this post. I’ll introduce you to the proper procedure of getting the compatible PC client to configure and access live surveillance of your cameras.

What is EasyViewer Pro?

EasyViewer Pro is a surveillance software designed to help users access live feeds of cameras and video encoders. The program’s developed to benefit users of supported devices, so it’s totally free to use.

This Dahua application can help you configure your cameras remotely and watch their live feeds, with the help of an interface connection. You don’t always have to be near your cameras, but get to access the surveillance feeds remotely.

To get started, you have installed the supported client on your computer. Because only then, you can proceed to log in and configure your cameras. Afterward, start viewing the live feeds remotely.

How Do I Use EasyViewer Pro for PC [Windows & Mac]?

You need the assistance of a PC Client named Smart PSS, to configure your cameras on your device. With the help of this Dahua software, you get to control the activities of your surveillance devices, without having to spend any additional charges.

I’ve separately written in detail about Smart PSS. If you want the details, click here, or simply download the client’s file from the provided links and proceed to install and configure it for your benefit.

Installing EasyViewer Pro

The process of EasyViewer Pro for PC is pretty simple. If you are downloading the file from the aforementioned link, please extract the download package first and then launch the Setup file from it.

EasyViewer Pro for PC

After selecting the language of the Setup, proceed and choose whether you just want to install the client files or you also want to install the storage service as well.

EasyViewer Pro for Windows

Now select a storage path of your choice or go with the default sections. You’ll be required to have at least 488MB to install the client’s files on the selected disk location.

EasyViewer Pro for Mac

Once you have waited for enough to let the installation progress bar complete, a final window will start to appear. You need to click on the Finish button to launch the client instantly.

Logging Into EasyViewer Pro

After launching the software successfully, you will be first asked to log into the software. For that, you first need to enter a strong password, that’s hard to guess.

Now, to protect your account from getting invaded, the software will help you add three security questions, so you can protect your account and retrieve it when you have forgotten the password.

Once you have made all the asked selections, you will be redirected to the login interface. You need to enter Admin in the username field and the previously designated password, before clicking on the Login button.

EasyViewer Pro Login

Adding Cameras & Viewing Live Footages

If you are not near your surveillance devices, you can simply add them through the manual configuration process. To do so, navigate to the Devices tab and click on the Add button.

Now enter the asked device details in their respective fields. You will be asked to enter Port, IP/Domain Name, Method to Add, etc kind of details, before clicking on the Add button.

EasyViewer Pro Configuration

Once you are sure that the devices are configured, navigate back to the home interface of EasyViewer Pro and click on the Live View section. From this tab, you will be allowed to view live footage of configured surveillance devices.

EasyViewer Pro Live Footage

FAQs: EasyViewer Pro PC Download

Q) Is EasyViewer Pro Safe?

A) Yes, EasyViewer Pro totally safe to use. Because the app is designed for the convenience of users who are extra conscious about the security of their property. So all of the account activities within the app are encrypted step-by-step.

Q) Is EasyViewer Pro on Android?

A) Users can download EasyViewer Pro on Android devices. I would recommend they get the app from authenticated sources like Google Play Store.

Q) Is EasyViewer Pro on Chrome?

A) There is an EasyViewer Pro Chrome extension that is available on the Chrome store. But I wouldn’t recommend it, since the add-on doesn’t have good reviews from the previous users.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download EasyViewer Pro for PC.

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