DMSS for PC Download Free [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

A detailed guide is presented to help individuals benefit from DMSS for PC. So that owners of Dahua surveillance devices can access full control from their computers. Though, the method presented in the following article is specifically added for Windows & Mac device owners.

What Is DMSS?

DMSS is a remote video surveillance tool available for the support of Zhejiang Dahua Technology device owners. It can be used to access full control of the supported video monitoring devices like IPC and digital recorders. Users can benefit from this Dahua product, without paying any additional charges.

This software is preferred by individuals who wish to watch the camera feeds directly on their PC. So they can avail themselves of the option of watching the details from the live feeds, which are provided in HD. And for that, complete the login procedure, so their account activities are protected from privacy leakage.

How Can I Install DMSS for PC (Windows & Mac)?

A user has to go under a certain procedure if he wishes to benefit from DMSS for PC. Because one has to install and configure the supported CMS, depending upon his preferred settings. So I have added software requirements and links for Windows & Mac devices.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac 10.0+
  • Processor: Intel i3 or Apple M1
  • GPU: Must at least support DirectX 8.0
  • RAM: 1GB+
  • ROM: 488MB

Installing DMSS

To start the installation process, extract the downloaded folder using WinRAR or WinZip. Afterward, open the CMS Setup file from the extracted package to launch the respective installer.

Once the installer is launched, make preferred selections from its first interface. Choose the preferred language, accept the software license, and click on the Next button.SmartPSS Setup

On the next page, it’s compulsory that your select the SmartPSS. Else, you can also choose the Storage Service, if you wish to record videos on your computer.DMSS for PC

You can browse for the folder destination, but only if you want to change the default selection. Else, check the Generate Shortcuts box and click on Install.DMSS for Windows

After completing the installation process, you need to select the Run SmartPSS checkbox and click on the Finish button. The installer also allows you to view the Release Notes.DMSS for Mac

Loggin Into DMSS

At first, you will be redirected to the login interface of the CMS. From where you will be required to designate a strong password to your account and add security questions for extra protection.DMSS Login

After successful registration, you will be requested to use the default username “admin” and enter the selected password of your account. And, if you are the only user of your computer, do select the “Remember Password” and “Auto Login ” boxes, before proceeding.DMSS PC Login

Configuring DMSS

You will be taken directly to the Devices tab on the CMS. So if you are ok with manual configuration, you need to click on the “+Add” button. So that, the CMS can direct you towards the configuration box.DMSS Configuration

From the configuration box, you need to enter the details of your Dahua surveillance device. Before entering any information, do select the “Method to add”, so you can proceed without any complication.DMSS Configuration

Once you have successfully configured your cameras or digital recorders, navigate back to the Devices tab. From there, view the status of the configured devices. And if their status is online, proceed to the next step.DMSS PC Configuration

Live Viewing Dahua Devices

After viewing the details about the configured devices, you need to revert to the dashboard of the CMS. Thereafter, click on the Live View tab to navigate to the live streaming window.DMSS Live View

At last, start viewing the selected camera feeds within the right-sided window. If you wish to change the camera feed, you need to select a device from the left sidebar, where all the configured devices are listed.DMSS Live View on PC

Is There Any Other Option?

Yes, another option for Windows and Mac users is to take advantage of Android emulation. And for that cause, they get to use the services of programs like BlueStacks and Nox App Player. Because if they are using a good and trusted product, they will not be bothered by any incompatibility issues.DMSS App for PC

The main purpose of Android emulators is to help users emulate Android OS, so they install their desired Android apps on a PC. So if you wish to claim a similar smartphone app’s interface on your computer, you have the option of using such programs to install the DMSS App for PC.

Features of DMSS

Lots of good features are added for the convenience of Dahua users. So users can fully take advantage of their surveillance devices, without having to follow any complications. However, all of the mentioned facilities are available for free, users are not requested to add any payment methods to benefit from them.

  • Multi-View: One of the famous features of this application is multi-viewing. With such a facility, users get to access multiple camera feeds on one display. Up to 16 different live feeds are supported by the app.
  • Remote Playback: Users get to watch the recorded media, directly from the app’s interface, from wherever they please. A search bar is provided for the convenience of users, so they can locate their preferred media and watch it remotely.
  • Parameters Customization: Video resolution, quality, and bitrate are customizable. Depending upon the quality of the connected network, users can make such selections. Further, they are also allowed to change the color of videos from live feeds.
  • Two-Way Talk: Using their monitoring device’s microphone, they can start chatting with the ones near their cameras. And it can be done while watching the live footage. DMSS for PC can also help listen to the voices of people, who are near the cameras.
  • Smart Picture: A new feature is added to help users zoom in or out of the taken snapshots. So they can easily focus on all parts of the photos.
  • E-Map: With e-mapping, individuals get to access an electronic map of their property, indicating the exact locations where cameras are installed.


Q) Can I Use DMSS Online?

A) Yes, you are allowed to use the DMSS app online on your monitoring device. So before launching the app, always ensure that your monitoring device is connected to the internet.

Q) How to Dahua Camera Feeds Online?

A) You can use the Config Tool from Dahua to connect your recorders and cameras online. The company has provided this free tool to help users complete the configuration process and set up the surveillance devices with ease.

Q) Is DMSS Safe?

A) One of the main reasons why users prefer to use DMSS is multiple layers of data encryption. So yes, this application is totally safe to use and can be trusted with private live feeds.

That’s all, thanks for visiting WikiesforPC to download DMSS for PC.

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