CP Plus IP Finder for PC Download, Windows 11 & macOS 12

The following article demonstrates the proper way to use CP Plus IP Finder for PC. So CP Plus users can recognize and edit the IP address of their surveillance devices from a computer. I have added links for Windows and Mac device owners, as this software is only available for these two operating systems.

What Is CP Plus IP Finder?

CP Plus IP Finder is offered to help individuals manage the IP addresses of their cameras and digital recorders. It comes with various built-in services associated with editing the IPs of CCTV devices. Users can benefit from this program without paying any extra charges, as it is developed by the manufacturers of the supported devices.

This CP Plus Software requires a network to work properly. Because it locates the IP addresses associated with your account, so it could deliver the luxury of IP customization. However, it can be used for various purposes, like viewing camera feeds and customizing IP addresses in bulk.

How Do I Use CP Plus IP Finder for PC?

A user has to perform a certain procedure to start locating and editing the IP address of his CP Plus devices. He first needs to install the software and configure it depending upon his needs. So I will deliver the proper set of instructions, required to benefit from this software to manipulate the IPs of monitoring devices.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Installing CP Plus IP Finder

The procedure of installing CP Plus IP Finder for PC is listed below. But before proceeding to such a process, I want you to extract the downloaded files, as they are compressed. You can use WinZip or WinRAR utilities to decompress them. Afterward, launch the CP Plus IP Finder Setup file and perform the following steps:

A welcome interface regarding the software information will start to appear in front of you, your job is to read the presented information and click on the Next button.CP Plus IP Finder for PC

Next up, read the provided software license to understand how the company operates, and check the I agree box, to accept it. You can also customize the installation folder path by clicking on the Browse button. Once you are done performing the aforementioned instructions, click on the Install button.CP Plus IP Finder for Windows

Now, the installer will initialize the software installation progress. You need to wait until you are led to the next interface. And, on the completion of the installation, simply click on the Finish button to close the installer.CP Plus IP Finder on Windows PC

Granting Access

Once you have completed the installation of CP Plus IP Finder and closed the Installer, you need to launch the program from your device’s desktop or app drawer. And after launching the program, your operating system will ask whether to provide full access on public or private networks or block some of its features. So your job is not to ensure that both public and private network boxes are checked and you need to click on the Allow Access button.CP Plus IP Finder for Mac

Finding IP Address of CP Plus Devices

After granting the required access, CP Plus IP Finder will launch and take you directly to its home interface. You can navigate to the various sections like Modify IP, Device Config, System Settings, etc to perform your preferred operations.CP Plus IP Finder for PC

To find the IP address of a device, you first need to add it to the devices list. For that, ensure that all the boxes of surveillance devices are selected. Now, click on the Refresh button.Find IP Address of CP Plus Devices

Next up, a list containing the associated CCTV devices will be shown inside the Modify IP section. And if any device is missing from the presented list, again click on the Refresh button.Find IP Address of CP Plus Devices

Changing IP Address of CP Plus Devices

From the appearing list of connected devices, click on the Edit button to modify the values. A new popup will start to appear, on which, you can add the Subnet Mask, Target IP, and Gateway. After entering the preferred values click on the Ok button.Change IP Address of CP Plus Devices

Thereafter, ensure that a green tick icon is appearing beside the entered IP address. This icon indicates that you have successfully modified the IP address of your CP Plus Device.Change IP Address of CP Plus Devices

CP Plus IP Finder Features

Users can claim various facilities from this CP Plus Software. Rather than just changing the IP address of a singular device, it also contains the following features:

  • Helps locate the IP addresses of surveillance devices.
  • Allows access to live camera feeds.
  • Contains a built-in search tool to locate a live feed.
  • Grants IP modification of multiple devices at the same time.
  • Supports all kinds of networks.

That’s all, thanks for visiting @WikiesforPC to download CP Plus IP Finder for PC.

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