Belkin NetCam for PC, Windows & Mac (Free Download)

Getting live feed just on smartphones has now become an old-age theory. Because people are now trying to take every precaution to protect their property from criminals like burglars and thieves. That’s why many of the handheld device users want to Download Belkin NetCam for PC and Laptop.

Its mainly because by getting live video surveillance on a bigger screen, you get to watch every single detail. And also your work becomes a little too-much easy when you are using this app like a PC software. So at first, I’ll talk a little about the app’s services and then take you directly to the guide of using Belkin NetCam App for PC (Windows & Mac).

What is Belkin NetCam?

Belkin NetCam is a live video monitoring tool that helps users access live feeds of IPC from anywhere. With its services, users can watch the live footage of their IP cams from anywhere they want to. However, it is available on the Google Play Store and you can download it without paying any real money.

Belkin NetCam for PC

One fascinating thing about this app is that it never bothers you while you are viewing the live feeds. It’s because of the ads-free interface which is available even for the free consumers. And it does also contain some premium services, but they are only for users who are willing to pay for their protection.

Belkin NetCam vs Belkin NetCamHD

There’s a couple of differences in the premium & free services. And they are all worth it if you know what I mean to say. Because the HD app contains services that can be beneficial for all device users. Yes, it will be beneficial for you, if you are willing to live stream the videos on your web browsers. Hence, some of the main differences are listed below:

  • Belkin NetCam
    1. Works on all sorts of networks.
    2. Live video surveillance.
    3. Connection through the same WiFi.
    4. Taking snaps from live feeds.
    5. Video playback facility.
  • Belkin NetCamHD
    1. Talkback facility.
    2. Download the saved videos.
    3. Cloud storage.
    4. All the services that are available in the free package.
    5. View videos from live feeds on your web browser.

Troubleshoot Belkin NetCam

You are using an electronic device, so there’s a chance that it might start to respond laggy. So in such a case, your best shot will be of resetting your cams to use Belkin NetCam. For that, you just have to perform a simple procedure. If you are willing to just reset the system, then you need to press & hold the reset button of your cam just for one second.

And by any chance, if you are unable to press the button, use a pin to press it. Though, a factory reset can also be helpful in cases where you are stuck and nothing good is coming out of your cameras. Hence to perform it, you just have to press & hold the same reset button, but for about twenty seconds. This will set your camera to default settings.

How Can You Download Belkin NetCam For PC?

Now we have come to the part where I help you to Download Belkin NetCam for PC. For your knowledge, there’s no official method to complete this task. But if you are desperate of watching your important live feeds on your computer, then you are allowed to perform a simple but unofficial method.

In simple words, you’ll be required to use the services of third-party programs like Android emulators. Because such programs are your best shot for emulating the Android interface. So while you are emulating Android OS, you get to use the services of Belkin NetCam on your Windows or Mac operating systems.

But you need to choose one emulator for a better experience. So if you are a Mac user, then using Nox App Player works well for you. And if you are a Windows OS user, then BlueStacks App Player is what you need to get. Both of these emulators work on Windows & Mac OS, but I’m only recommending you select one depending upon your operating systems.

  1. Nox App Player (dmg file)
  2. BlueStacks Emulator (exe file)

Belkin NetCam App Download for PC

Belkin NetCam App Download for PC

  • Download an emulator on your computer.
  • Just downloading the emulator’s file isn’t enough, you also need to install it.
  • After an emulator is installed, launch it on your machine.
  • Allow the emulator to complete the first-boot.
  • Once it does, locate & open Google Play Store.
  • Enter your Google ID.
  • If you don’t have a Google account, click on the Signup link.
  • Now that you’ve entered Google Play Store, click on the Search bar.
  • Type Belkin NetCam and press Enter.
  • Hit the Install button and wait.
  • When the installation is completed, you’ll be able to use Belkin NetCam for PC (Windows & Mac).

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