ApowerMirror for PC Download [Windows 10/8/7]

Download ApowerMirror for PC to control your smartphone activities from a bigger interface. This mirroring utility is basically designed for users who want their smartphone interface to appear on a computer. And with it, users can enjoy live streaming media, play smartphone games, or make presentations as well.

What is ApowerMirror?

ApowerMirror is the renowned product of Apowersoft that’s listed under freeware. The basic purpose of this PC tool is to allow users to control their Android or iOS device’s activities from a computer. So they can enjoy their desired gameplay and live stream media content on a bigger display.

ApowerMirror for PC

This free software is available for the major platforms. So users of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and smart TV users can benefit from its services without paying a single penny. And none of the free users are forced to pay attention to the online promotions unless they want to.

How To Initiate?

It’s pretty simple to intimate the mirroring process while using ApowerMirror for PC. Users are provided with both options of connection via USB or WiFi. But you have acknowledged one thing, you are required to install the app on both devices if you are willing to fully benefit from it.

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone and computer, you can just start the procedure of connecting them. If you are connecting through WiFi, please ensure that they are connected with the same WiFi router. Because it’s the only way the app will be able to locate the available devices.

But if you are using this software to cloud mirror one device onto another, then you’ll have to perform a different procedure. You’ll get a security code that you’ll have to enter on the other device to be able to control it. It’s good for users who are not near a friend but are willing to help him from a far distance.

ApowerMirror for PC Features

  • Mirroring With Audio
    Not every mirroring software gives you the option of sharing a device’s interface as well as audio. So now users of ApowerMirror for PC are given the option of allowing others to enjoy live streaming of media content and gameplay on a different device with sound effects.
  • No Device Limitations
    Yes, this software can be used to mirror the screen on a device of your choice. You can either share the smartphone interface with other smartphones. From a Windows PC to another Windows PC. You never have to worry about the device restrictions, because there are none.
  • Screen Recording
    Users are allowed to record their gameplay or any activities of their devices. Even if they want to record the interface of a smartphone from their computer, they can get the job done without any extra hassle. Even share the recorded on social media directly from the ApowerMirror for PC’s interface.
  • Control Smartphone Operations
    This software is not only developed to benefit live streaming and gaming fans. But lots of operations can be done while using this product’s services. For instance, now you can text and chat with your friends with ease through a physical keyboard. It’s quite impressive that now you get your smartphone notifications on your computer.

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